Matthew Rees

  • Applied Ecologist, University of Melbourne

I’m a PhD candidate with the QAECO lab at the University of Melbourne. I use quantitative methods to assist land managers with conservation problems centred around threatened and invasive species. Mammalian predators are inherently difficult to monitor and manage (also fairly interesting), and so, make up a large component of my research. More broadly, I visualise my research as falling into three core themes:

  • Estimating population dynamics and density: where do species occur, how many individuals are there and how does this change over time?
  • Modelling interactions between species: how does one species impact the spatio-temporal behaviour and population dynamics of another species?
  • Integrating multiple types of data and models: how do we piece together all sources of information to improve estimates of population parameters and their uncertainty?

Interests. Predator ecology; Invasive animals; Fire; Camera-trapping; Spatial capture-recapture, occupancy-detection, generalised additive and integrated population models.


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