I’m a PhD candidate with the QAECO lab at the University of Melbourne. My research centres on modelling species interactions and population dynamics, primarily through the lens of predator ecology, invasive animal management and native mammal conservation. More broadly, I’m interested in practical, quantitative methods for wildlife monitoring and conservation decision-making. Open science and Indigenous knowledge are a key part of that vision too.

My PhD is focused on the lethal control of foxes in south-west Victoria. Does this just increase feral cat impacts? Lead to overgrazing by wallabies? Are threatened native mammals even limited by invasive predators here? Do we have reliable methods to answer any of these questions? Dunno yet. My supervisors (Bronwyn Hradsky, Brendan Wintle & Alan Robley), the Conservation Ecology Centre, DELWP, Parks Victoria, Bill Holsworth, VEAC, 50+ field volunteers and many other generous supporters are helping me to find out. #foxcontrolpatrol

I pay respect to the traditional custodians of the lands where I live and work - the Wurundjeri, Gunditjmara & Gadabanut.

Drop me a line at matt.wayne.rees@gmail.com.